Armed Forces Appreciation Day!

This last Saturday I went to a local event for our Armed Forces! I wish I had taken more pictures of the Army vehicles to show how amazing they are but I was able to snap a few with some soldiers and inside one of the vehicles ūüôā

The soldiers even did a pinup pose for me!


It was a fun day, and the men were all so talkative and nice. I’ve always have been¬†appreciative of everything our soldiers do and I’ve had some men in my family in the armed forces as well. It’s no little thing; going over seas away from your family and everything you know and love. I know a couple army wives and they’re the toughest women I know! I just get a sense of pride living in a country that has so much history of brave men and women. I know ¬†there’s people out there who are against wars and such, and if I had my way there would be no fighting, but there is going to be wars between different¬†civilizations. There has been since the beginning of time. I think it’s part of human nature. Bravery is also something people have in their human nature. Some more then others and that’s what makes these brave men and women such heroes to our country. So thank you ladies and ¬†gentlemen for everything. I salute you!

REVIEW: The Marilyn Swimsuit from!

Okay dolls! Here’s my first review! For my birthday I received my DREAM bathing suit from my boyfriend..the Marilyn from Pinup Couture! I¬†absolutely adore this suit! Everything from the print, to the fit, and the length of it. It hugs all your curves, but covers you modestly. So it’s perfect for any body type. It comes in the colors pink, black, red, leopard, green and royal blue. Very classy colors based on the look you’re portraying! Out of five stars I would¬†absolutely¬†give this suit a 5! However, the ONLY setback is the price..BUT I am a girl on a very small budget. And even then, I was scrimping and saving my money to buy this! My boyfriend just beat me to it!

Here are some pictures of me wearing it:

Pinup Contest

I did my very first “photoshoot” with my aunt in this bathing suit. I went to my first pinup competition in it. I LOVE it. Very classy yet sexy. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!


Photoshoot: Moxie Photography

Last week I had the privilege of working with an aspiring new photographer, one of my close friends, Jessica! We walked around old train cars, abandoned motorhomes and an old tractor. Hair was done by myself, make-up done up by Jessica herself! We had a lot of laughs and even had her car almost stolen! Hope you enjoy!







Mad Men’s: Joan Harris

Am I able to just rant about Mad Men’s Joan Harris for a few? If anyone on current television oozes sex appeal and curves in all the right places it is most¬†definitely¬†her. I mean, come one, look at her!

So I decided to scavenge the internet to start a part of my wardrobe that resembled Joan’s but at reasonable prices. So here goes!

This little purple number you can purchase at Dorothy Perkins online! The site actually has ¬†a tab just for shift dresses that resemble Joan’s style of form fitting and sexy. The prices are actually reasonable ranging from about 40$ to 90$! Just what a cheap girl like me looks ¬†for! Look at these dresses here!

Another site I found Joan inspired is a lady on Etsy who actually reproduces the same dresses Joan wears in the show! Some include these dresses:

While these dresses are a little on the higher end for a girl on a budget (ranging from 140$ to 150$), they are fitted to your measurements and she also accepts returns! You are able to purchase these dresses here.

Here is one of my favorite that I found! I’m absolutely in love with this dress and it’s on the top of my wardrobe shopping list!

I don’t know what it is about this dress I love the most; it oozes vintage sex appeal to me. You can see this dream here.

For the last dress I picked out a pretty little green number from Modcloth! I absolutely LOVE this site! It has many dresses that are vintage inspired with a little twist to them.


From the reviews it won a 4 stars out of 5 on fit, length and quality and the price is now 41.99$ which works perfectly on a budget!

For now, that’s all the Joan Harris inspired dresses I’m putting up but I will be doing more of these. I’m hoping about three times a week! More to come!

xox, JVB

Happy new beginnings!

Today is the beginning of my fresh start. I deleted my Tumblr account; the blog I kept that just made me envy every single skinny, long haired blonde who lived on the beach. That’s not me, and this blog is going to be me 100%. Each and every word of it! I’m tired of giving, giving, giving and never seeing myself get anywhere, so this is my adventure in words and pictures per say.

This blog is dedicated to my love of everything vintage. Mostly vintage fashion but with some sprinkles of housewares, gardens, and travel. And of course there will be some rants about photographers, fashion designers, and other blogs I’m in love with.

I’ve put off having a blog of my own for too long and right now seems like the perfect time to dive in and discover more about myself and my love for everything vintage/ vintage inspired. Done are the days of living for someone else, and trying to please everyone else. I know I can do big things, and it’s high time to start moving forward.

Portland is this month, I feel new things brewing.