Happy new beginnings!

Today is the beginning of my fresh start. I deleted my Tumblr account; the blog I kept that just made me envy every single skinny, long haired blonde who lived on the beach. That’s not me, and this blog is going to be me 100%. Each and every word of it! I’m tired of giving, giving, giving and never seeing myself get anywhere, so this is my adventure in words and pictures per say.

This blog is dedicated to my love of everything vintage. Mostly vintage fashion but with some sprinkles of housewares, gardens, and travel. And of course there will be some rants about photographers, fashion designers, and other blogs I’m in love with.

I’ve put off having a blog of my own for too long and right now seems like the perfect time to dive in and discover more about myself and my love for everything vintage/ vintage inspired. Done are the days of living for someone else, and trying to please everyone else. I know I can do big things, and it’s high time to start moving forward.

Portland is this month, I feel new things brewing.



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