REVIEW: The Marilyn Swimsuit from!

Okay dolls! Here’s my first review! For my birthday I received my DREAM bathing suit from my boyfriend..the Marilyn from Pinup Couture! I absolutely adore this suit! Everything from the print, to the fit, and the length of it. It hugs all your curves, but covers you modestly. So it’s perfect for any body type. It comes in the colors pink, black, red, leopard, green and royal blue. Very classy colors based on the look you’re portraying! Out of five stars I would absolutely give this suit a 5! However, the ONLY setback is the price..BUT I am a girl on a very small budget. And even then, I was scrimping and saving my money to buy this! My boyfriend just beat me to it!

Here are some pictures of me wearing it:

Pinup Contest

I did my very first “photoshoot” with my aunt in this bathing suit. I went to my first pinup competition in it. I LOVE it. Very classy yet sexy. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!



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