Armed Forces Appreciation Day!

This last Saturday I went to a local event for our Armed Forces! I wish I had taken more pictures of the Army vehicles to show how amazing they are but I was able to snap a few with some soldiers and inside one of the vehicles 🙂

The soldiers even did a pinup pose for me!


It was a fun day, and the men were all so talkative and nice. I’ve always have been appreciative of everything our soldiers do and I’ve had some men in my family in the armed forces as well. It’s no little thing; going over seas away from your family and everything you know and love. I know a couple army wives and they’re the toughest women I know! I just get a sense of pride living in a country that has so much history of brave men and women. I know  there’s people out there who are against wars and such, and if I had my way there would be no fighting, but there is going to be wars between different civilizations. There has been since the beginning of time. I think it’s part of human nature. Bravery is also something people have in their human nature. Some more then others and that’s what makes these brave men and women such heroes to our country. So thank you ladies and  gentlemen for everything. I salute you!


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